Hardcore Never Dies is an original trademark from Dance Concepts.
Its a legendary brand name and the hardest music subsidiary of this event company.

Our Record label will bring you music in all branches of hardcore music. Do not put your music taste in a box.
Simply enjoy what you like and hear. Remember the early days when everything was called Gabber.

Embrace the fresh new movement in Hardcore and be proud to shout our name.
Don’t believe the lies, because Hardcore Never Dies!

If you think we should listen to your demo’s, feel free to contact our Label Manager Mark through our contact page.

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Hardcore Never Dies Records
Hardcore Never Dies Records

Record Label

We provide the hardcore scene the highest quality of hardcore music with our record label and various professional artists.



Because we want you to share our statement and look good at parties, we have our own merchandise.

Mad Dog | Hardcore Never Dies | Gigant Apeldoorn


Music is our passion and the language everbody understands. We want to connect people through music at our events.

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